Fondements en relations humaines

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Collège Boréal Certificate

This program familiarizes the student with topics related to the helping relationship. Persons who follow this program obtain credits that can be applied toward a post-secondary diploma in the area of community services.

Program offered in French

Admission Conditions

Ontario Secondary School Diploma or its equivalent from another province, or mature student status (age 19 or over).

Training Mode
Contact North, In Class, Vidéoconférence
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Introduction à la psychologie

This course allows students to develop their knowledge of human behaviour. It provides an introduction to basic psychological concepts and theories. Topics discussed include affectivity, states of consciousness, psychological development, sensations and perceptions, learning, memory, motivation, developmental psychology, psychopathology, personality and the psychology of health.

Course offered in French.

Relations humaines

Ce cours permet l’acquisition de compétences qui aident l’étudiante ou l’étudiant à mieux se connaître et à développer des capacités de communication interpersonnelle et de ce fait d’améliorer ses rapports humains au plan personnel et professionnel. En se connaissant davantage, on est mieux préparé à intervenir dans des relations professionnelles. Lors de diverses activités en classe, chacun applique les connaissances acquises, les capacités et les comportements professionnels propres à son domaine d’études.

Course offered in French

Introduction à la sociologie

This course allows students to increase their knowledge and understanding of the links and relations between the individual and society. Using sociological concepts and perspectives, students recognize that society plays a major role in individual decision-making and, consequently, in individual behaviour. This course provides an introduction to current theories and certain sociological phenomena, including the nature of sociology; the role of socialization in the development and integration of the individual in society; the means society uses to exert social control; concepts of cultures and sub-cultures; various groups and organizations; and inequalities, minorities and social classes. These topics allow practitioners to gain a more adequate perspective on clients, to see beyond appearances and to better understand their situation. Course offered in French.

Diversité humaine

This course allows students to increase their awareness of human diversity through the study of the differences and particularities of each human being. It provides the opportunity to develop a more sensitive and informed approach, which is especially useful for the training of practitioners in their respective fields of study. Classroom activities help students recognize and define their own attitudes, prejudices and behaviours and thereby improve their interactions with others.

Course offered in French

Cours aux choix
Code Elective Course Name
Concepts fondamentaux en toxicomanie

This course presents fundamental concepts related to addiction and dependency. Students familiarize themselves with models of consumption, stages of dependency, drug classification and the risks related to addiction. Moreover, the students are expected to reflect and develop their critical thinking on the realities of persons who are dealing with dependency and compulsive gambling.  Course offered in French.

Croissance et développement de la personne

Ce cours traite des différentes étapes de la croissance et du développement de la personne depuis la conception jusqu’à la fin de l’âge adulte. On accorde une attention particulière au développement sur les plans physique, cognitif, affectif et social. Le cours inclut l’étude des modèles théoriques de Piaget, Erikson, Freud et Kohlberg.

Course offered in French

English Communications I

This course introduces students to applied communication and concentrates on the development of speaking, listening, reading, writing and thinking skills. The language skills developed in the course are useful to students in a college and are designed to develop confidence in English-language oral and written expression.

Français I

This course allows students to improve their aptitudes in oral and written communication. The focus is communication techniques related to the student’s area of study. The organisation of thoughts, the art of expression, reading and the quality of language are the basic elements of this course. Through oral and written Learning activities, students are encouraged to promote and affirm their Francophone identity as they perfect their oral and written communication skills.

Course offered in French

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