Brick and Stone Fundamentals Training

Program Code
Collège Boréal Certificate of Achievement

Collège Boréal, through its Continuing Education and Corporate Training Department, provides a 13-week Brick and Stone Mason program.

This 13-week program provides theory and mainly hands-on training for the brick and stone masonry field and foundational skills in construction carpentry. Students will learn to safely and properly operate hand and power tools as well as equipment found on the construction site. They will have opportunities to use masonry materials and supplies and to practice the selection, preparation and installation of masonry materials. This program will be delivered through a combination of theory (25%) and hands-on work (75%) taking place in a lab, a shop, or onsite.

Admission Conditions

Grade 12 education or equivalent |18 years of age.

After all courses are completed, the Certificate of achievement can be obtainned from the Registrar upon request. See the General Information


– Collège Boréal Certificate of Achievement;
– Official Transcript;
– Demonstrate safe work and personal protection practices.

All related wallet cards:
Fall Protection, Confine Space Awareness, Lockout Tagout, Common Core, WHMIS, Forklift;

Training Mode
In Class
Sudbury, Timmins
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Code Course Name
Job Layout – Brick and Stone

In this course the participant will learn the placement of materials using different patterns, bonding and cuts. You will also learn the importance of safety practice during the preparation stages of a project.

Health and Safety – Brick and Stone

This module teaches the learner to generate safety awareness in the masonry field and to ensure a safe work environment. The module covers how to prevent injuries, proper clothing, ventilation, noise protection and safe use of masonry equipment along with preoperational inspection of power and hand tools.


This course presents the learner with a description of mortar as well as the components and properties. This course demonstrates to the learner the mixing procedures, estimating, the effect of weather conditions and the safety rules that apply while using mortar.

SI Measurement

This module covers various measurement including, using multiples and submultiples, estimating, calculating wall measurements, area and volume. The student will also learn how to solve gauge problems in a safe manner.

Clay and Concrete Products

This course teaches the learner the knowledge of clay and concrete products. The student will also learn the difference between types, grades colours, textures, shapes and sizes. Brick positions and mortar quantities is also review in this course to allow the student the ability to estimate the products used in the field.

Cleaning Masonry

This course teaches the learner the cleaning methods in the masonry field. This module also reviews the new and existing structures and types of stains in safely manner.

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