6 Week AZ Truck Driver Program-Custom

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Collège Boréal Certificate of Achievement

You’re interested in a career as a truck driver?

Collège Boréal is your training solution!

Collège Boréal strives to provide each and every one of our students with the truck driving training he or she requires to not just pass a Ministry of Transportation trucking road test, but to become an asset to trucking companies in the transportation industry. We continually make adjustments and improvements to our truck driving training program to reflect the ever-changing needs of the trucking industry.

We are also committed to providing the trucking industry with the highest quality driver training programs for entry-level individuals that earn and maintain public confidence. This will ensure that their conduct will provide sound judgment in pursuance of their professional educating duties by focusing on safety at all times.

Admission Conditions

– Age 18 or over;
– Grade 12 education or equivalent;
– Driving record;
– Ministry of Transportation medical and eye examination;
– Valid Ontario Class G driver’s licence;
– Pay Ministry of Transportation licencing fee.

After all courses are completed, the Certificate of achievement can be obtainned from the Registrar upon request. See the General Information


– Collège Boréal Certificate of Achievement;
– Official transcript;
– Ministry of Transportation Class A driver’s licence;
– Ministry of Transportation Air Brake (Z) Endorsement;
– Demonstrate safe work and personal protection practices.

All related wallet cards:
WHMIS, Fall Arrest,Confined Space, Lockout-Tagout and Common Core Certifications.

Training Mode
In Class
Hearst, Kapuskasing, Nipissing, Sudbury, Timmins, Toronto
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Fall Arrest

The participant will learn when and how to use a fall arrest or restraint system; how to properly set up ladders, scaffolds and work platforms, how to properly adjust and wear a harness and determine if fall arrest or restraint is needed.

Air Brake (Z) Endorsement

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation requires drivers of air brake equipped vehicles to have a Z endorsement on their license. The objectives of the course are to familiarize all air brake equipped vehicle operators with the workings of air brake systems, to increase safety awareness on Ontario’s highways and to reduce the number of accidents resulting from improper brake usage and maintenance.

Introduction to Trucking

In this course you will learn how the trucking industry developed and grew in North America, the responsibility to regulate and optimize the safety and the well-being of those that are active in the trucking transportation services and the responsibilities of trucking agencies. In addition, you will learn the importance of a health and safety environment in the trucking industry.

Vehicle Inspection

In this course you will learn to perform an accurate pre trip inspection, as well as the importance of identifying and correcting malfunctions promptly. The student will embrace, in a working matter, all federal and provincial regulations for inspections.

Vehicle Systems

In this course you will learn all physical and operating components of the tractor, which includes: frame, suspension, axles, engine, ECS, fuel, exhaust, lubrication, electrical, coolant, brake, steering and coupling. This course will also include the effects on one another.


In this course you will learn to shift properly and safely. Various shifting patterns will also be included in this course to demonstrate the safe operation of each.


In this course you will learn procedures and characteristics for backing a tractor-trailer safely. Several types of parking will also be demonstrated in this course.

Coupling and Uncoupling

In this course you will learn to couple or uncouple rigs and trailers. Testing and controls will also be reviewed to help elaborate the importance of working safely.

Space Management

In this course you will learn the importance of space management. All areas will be reviewed including the front, back, sides, above and below the tractor-trailer. You will also learn to make correct turns and manage your space when driving through intersections.

Night Driving and Extreme Driving Conditions

In this course you will learn to drive at night and in extreme driving conditions. You will learn the difference between day light hours and night light hours and how to face multiple scenarios. You will also be asked to perform various extreme weather driving procedures and learn the effects.

Skid Control : Wet and Dry Conditions

In this course you will learn various types of skids and how to prevent them. Recovery and prevention will also be reviewed including the operation of ASB and non-ABS braking system.

Preventive Maintenance and Servicing

In this course you will learn what types of maintenance are needed for the various systems on your rig. You will learn that filling out various reports and basic routine maintenance and servicing are the responsibility of the professional driver.

Handling Cargo and Cargo Documentation

In this course you will learn the importance of handling cargo properly and the professional driver’s responsibility for handling and loading/unloading various cargo. You will also learn the importance of completing and distributing cargo documentation such as: freights bills, cargo manifest, bill of lading and other required forms as well.

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