French as a Second Language -Intermediate III

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Students develop strategies to understand and use the written language as they practice formulating hypothesis while discussing Francophonie’s presence throughout the world and sharing anecdotes. They express themselves using the indicative or the conditional verb tenses while employing a variety of pronouns in the same sentences. Students will master the subjunctive present verb tense of many different verbs and will express whether they agree, disagree or are undecided as they use the expressions that suit their needs. The course also explores using colloquial and regional expressions, drawing comparisons, as well as describing and reviewing a work of art and a film while using different modes of conjugation.

Training Mode
Contact North, In Class, Vidéoconférence
Barrie, Hamilton, Hearst, Kapuskasing, London, Nipissing, Sudbury, Témiskaming, Timmins, Toronto, Windsor
EDP1211 (100) ou EDP1211 (200);EDP1212 (100) ou EDP1212 (200);EDP1213 (100) ou EDP1213 (200);EDP1214 (100) ou EDP1214 (200);EDP1215 (100) ou EDP1215 (200)


L’étudiante ou l’étudiant passe des tests de classement obligatoires avant le début du programme.

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