French as a Second Language – Conversational

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Students perfect their use of vocabulary and common expressions in order to give their opinions, share ideas and evaluate current events. They learn to formulate hypotheses and interrogate accordingly, while ensuring they properly analyse a problem. Students adapt their vocabulary with respect to certain situations and they are able to recognize many different language tools. The course also allows students to analyse, argue and adapt their presentations contextually as well as participate in animated discussions as they develop and extend their critical thinking abilities.

Training Mode
Contact North, In Class, Vidéoconférence
Barrie, Hamilton, Hearst, Kapuskasing, London, Nipissing, Sudbury, Témiskaming, Timmins, Toronto, Windsor
EDP1211 (100) ou EDP1211 (200);EDP1212 (100) ou EDP1212 (200);EDP1213 (100) ou EDP1213 (200);EDP1214 (100) ou EDP1214 (200);EDP1215 (100) ou EDP1215 (200);EDP1216 (100) ou EDP1216 (200);EDP1217 (100) ou EDP1217 (200);EDP1218 (100) ou EDP1218 (200);EDP1219 (100) ou EDP1219 (200)


L’étudiante ou l’étudiant passe des tests de classement obligatoires avant le début du programme.

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