French as a Second Language -Advanced I

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In this course, students will master the usage of polite forms and demonstrate a variety of comprehension strategies for written language, as they develop vocabulary related to the trades and to healthcare. One of the components is to discuss physical fitness and psychological health as they defend their opinions based on their importance. Students will recount their childhood memories as they describe people and places while expressing their emotions and giving their opinions on the problems that today’s adolescents face and the quality of care provided to our aging population. Also, active listening skills are used in order to discuss stressful life events and their effects on health and well-being.

Training Mode
Contact North, In Class, Vidéoconférence
Barrie, Hamilton, Hearst, Kapuskasing, London, Nipissing, Sudbury, Témiskaming, Timmins, Toronto, Windsor
EDP1211 (100) ou EDP1211 (200);EDP1212 (100) ou EDP1212 (200);EDP1213 (100) ou EDP1213 (200);EDP1214 (100) ou EDP1214 (200);EDP1215 (100) ou EDP1215 (200);EDP1216 (100) ou EDP1216 (200)


L’étudiante ou l’étudiant passe des tests de classement obligatoires avant le début du programme.

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