Correactology Practitioner Program


Correactology® Health Care is a new, effective and non-invasive approach to alternative health care. The technique begins with an individualized patient assessment for the purpose of therapeutic treatment. Full body corrections are accomplished without the use of force, drugs, surgery or instrumentation.

Correactology® Health Care is a natural science focused on the human body. It is a unique and distinct alternative health care practice based on the understanding of the correlation existing between physical pain and malfunction. This alternative health care practice concentrates on the development of specific techniques to promote auto-correction in human systems.

Correactology Physics is Everything

Correactology® Health Care

the idea, the journey…..


“I know quite certainly that I myself have no special talent. Curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance, combined with self-criticism, have brought me to my ideas.” – Albert Einstein

Like all new ideas, Correactology® Health Care was born from boundary-free thought and endless hours of research. It was in the summer of 1996, while attending information sessions with a Quebec doctor, that Michael Lapointe, CHCP®, was introduced to “la médicine douce” and, more specifically, leg testing. During these sessions, he quickly came to realize that achieving a mastery of leg testing would allow a health care provider to collect body data in a very unique way. In 1998, Michael Lapointe made his way back to Sudbury, Ontario, with this knowledge in hand and an idea for health. Upon returning from his journey, he was quickly joined in his quest by his family who believed that there may be some value in developing and honing this unique and possibly unhinged idea.

On Wednesday, March 4, 1998, working hypothesis in hand, the newly formed Lapointe Group opened its first public Correactology® Center on William St. in Sturgeon Falls. To the Group’s surprise, Michael Lapointe was not only well received by the local community, but quickly experienced patient influx from all over Ontario, and even from outside the province.

In the fall of 2000, Allan Lapointe, CHCP®, began developing the added hypothesis that the body was segmentally divided into individual categories.  From this idea, research began to yield a greater understanding of body health, and the practice was therefore able to successfully attain reproducibility.

Not only was Correactology® Health Care gaining in popularity and distinctiveness, it was generating better than expected results with cases that had not achieved recovery with other health care modalities. Today, Correactology® Health Care is an ever-growing force in the health care arena. Born from the Lapointe Group’s hard work, innovative ideas, and the belief that bodies have an incredible potential for recovery, Correactology® Health Care has proven effective against some of the most unrecoverable patient cases.

It is our passion for thought, our patient-oriented care and our drive to succeed that makes unique the definition of Correactology® Health Care.

Correactology Practitioner Program

For FALL 2017 start application deadline is September 7th, 2017. Ask for the Correactology Practitioner Program Student Handbook.