Dual Credit Course

College courses for French high school students

What is a DCP?

Dual credit programs (DCP) are approved by the Ministry of Education and allow students to continue their secondary studies while taking college courses or apprenticeship courses that qualify for both their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and a post-secondary certificate or diploma or an apprenticeship certificate.

Why take a DCP?

  • To obtain a secondary school diploma
  • To successfully transition to a college or apprenticeship program
  • To better understand various paths through college or apprenticeship
  • To gain a clearer perspective on career and educational planning

Who is admitted to a DCP?

  • Grade 11 or 12 students
  • At risk of not obtaining an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, participating in OYAP or registered in a Specialist High Skills Major program
  • Available to take online courses in a secondary school or on campus at Collège Boréal.
  • Showing serious interest for the chosen area of study
  • Recommended by a teacher and approved by a guidance counselor
  • With parental approval
  • With the necessary prerequisites
  • Ready to invest time and effort to succeed

Four easy steps to enroll