CNFS – Consortium national de formation en santé

(National Consortium for French-language Training in Healthcare)

The CNFS – An exceptional strategic alliance

The CNFS is a pan-Canadian organization bringing together 11 university and college educational institutions which deliver training programs in various health disciplines in French, as well as regional partners who facilitate and promote access to these training programs. Since April 1, 2015, the CNFS has been under the umbrella of the Association des collèges et universités de la francophonie canadienne (ACUFC). The CNFS has greatly contributed to the creation of the ACUFC and maintains its commercial identity and its operational model within the new Association.

This exceptional alliance results in improved access for a quality French-language healthcare services tailored to French-speaking minority communities by increasing the number of professionals able to offer these services. As such the CNFS is making a significant contribution to the wellness and development of these communities across the country.


Program outline

Management of healthcare and community services will continue to be a challenge in the future. The delivery of quality services in French, the management of multidisciplinary teams and the transformation of systems are some of the many challenges that require specialized administration.

The program Gestion des services de santé et des services communautaires responds to this need and provides  quality courses in  areas such as management, human resources, communications, budget planning, management information systems and ethics.

It prepares students for a career in management at various levels of intervention in the healthcare system and community services. It is designed for persons who have a college or university diploma or at least five years of professional experience in the fields of healthcare, social and community services, or management and who wish to further their knowledge and skills through continuing education.

The Gestion des services de santé et des services communautaires program is an online education program that provides many advantages:

  • Customizable course options that best reflect your professional objectives;
  • Adaptable work pace to meet your needs and schedule;
  • Financial and time saving benefits as traveling is NOT required;
  • Flexibility – study at home or in a location of your choice!

Each course involves directed or self-directed assignments and independent studies. A professor from Collège Boréal, Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, La Cité or Université Saint-Boniface personally supervises the course and monitors the students through training exercises, research, and assignments.

This 600-hour training program leads to a post-graduate certificate – advanced diploma and includes:

  • 4 mandatory 60-hour courses;
  • 8 elective 45-hour courses chosen among twelve available options.

Depending on your professional objectives, you may choose to take courses « à la carte » in order to reach personal goals without necessarily aiming for a diploma.

The program provides healthcare services managers with the tools they need to succeed in their private practice in the following areas:

  • Global analysis of the healthcare system and community services;
  • Adaptation of relevant management techniques to healthcare and community institutions;
  • Human resources management in regards to multidisciplinary contexts and socio-cultural diversity;
  • Management models or approaches;
  • Application of computer technology and statistical knowledge to support management functions;
  • Respect of ethical and legal frameworks;
  • Leadership and communication;
  • Integrated vision of healthcare services and community services management;
  • Optimization of control procedures to maintain and improve service quality.

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Consortium National de Formation en Santé